Thursday, September 26, 2013


Hola Familia,

This week we had a ton of work. This week we had transfers. We have been working really hard the past couple weeks planning and making sure that everything was going to be ready for transfers. Then on Monday President made a call and changed a lot of the transfers with who was going where. So all the office elders came in on Monday and had to redo everything so we were up really late. We didn't leave the office until one in the morning trying to get everything ready for transfers. Then we had to be up early on Tuesday to go and pick up the new missionaries. There were a lot of missionaries! So we were with them for the morning helping out with everything and taking them to the mission home and meetings and all the jazz. That afternoon my companion and I had to go to finish the last move before transfers. We did it really fast because on the way there we had an owner call us asking about the rent and why it hadn't come. We so we had to go and pay her cash because there was a problem with her bank account so we couldn't deposit the money. Just as we thought we were finally done we got a call that one of the missionaries that was going to be driving during transfers was in the hospital and he was going to have to stay over night. The only other missionary who is qualified to drive was a 45 min drive away. He was finishing his mission so we went and picked him up and took him back to the mission home to spend the night so he could help us drive during transfers.

This week we also had two ex-missionaries come to Santiago and hang around with us. Rondon who was my companion not too long ago. and Peralta who was assistant when I was in the office so we are all great friends. They have been visiting people but now they went home today.

Transfers came and I stayed where I am with my same companion. I am now the office elder who has been there the longest, and it seems like president is depending on me even more. I think this is going to be my last transfer in the office. It will be good to have a change and teach a little bit more.

So this week was mainly spent driving. We drove pretty much all day Monday and Tuesday we drove a tons as well. Wednesday we drove taking all the missionaries to there new areas. Thursday and Friday weren't as bad but it was a lot of driving this past week.

We did try to get out and teach this past week in the little time that we have had. We were able to teach a little bit but most of the time that we went to visit people they weren't home or they were busy so we weren't able to share with them which is hard especially because we don't have much time to go and teach.

We are teaching a couple that have potential but it is really hard for us to help them progress because they are really busy with school and work and their two kids. We have been trying to help them go to church but they have to work and that makes it really hard. The wife almost got baptized but them she got a job on Sunday and just stopped progressing because she could go to church. But they have taken the mission discussions before so that makes it a little bit easier because they understand it a lot faster.

Well I hope that you guys have a great week this week and especially with your vacation to Colorado. Keep up the great work with all your activities that you are going! Love you all tons!!

Elder Hunter Cannon

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