Thursday, September 26, 2013


Well this week I got some great news!

I can't remember if I told you or not but a couple weeks ago one of the converts from Cien Fuegos called me and told me that he is going on a mission! He is going to Honduras in October which was so great. I am so excited for him, he is going to be a great missionary. Also this week their little brother Melvin is going to be baptised. When I was there I thaught him and he was about to be baptized but then he moved to the country and couldn't be baptized and he called me this week and told me that he had moved back permenantly and that the missionaries taught him again and he is going to be baptized today. I got permission to go so that is going to be great to be able and see them all again and see him get baptized.

This week was also pretty sad because two missionaries that extended their missions had to finish this week. President asked them to stay for a little while to see if the missionaries from Peru were going to get here with their visa problems. So they stayed as long as they could but they had to go this week. It was pretty sad because they were two good friends of mine. I hate saying goodbye. We also taught Dante. We are helping him reactivate and he is solid. He has gone to church every week and is now going in a shirt and tie, we finally found his records and so they are now in the ward. He also has been going to institute. Before he decided to come back to church he was in a rock band and was pretty into that. I sent a picture and all the guitars we are holding he made them and there was another star guitar behind us that he made. He played a little for us and he is way good. He has also left with us to teach some of our investigators and less active. He is such an awesome guy!

This week we have also been traveling alot doing moves and getting missionaries. So we went up to do a move of some missionaries that were having problems with their neighbor in puerto plata. It is a lady in her twenties that wears very scanky clothing and always has different guys with her and they share a front porch with her and that was becoming a problem. So we went to move the missionaries, and I went up the stairs to help them carry some stuff down. It was just awkward. so when I got up there she said, "HEEeeellLLLLOOO" Then as I was going down the stairs, she said, " papi cuidado si te caes" which basically means " Be careful Baby so you don't fall." So after that I just stayed at the bottom at the truck and she kept yelling down to me in broken english, "Hey my friend look up here." "I love you" " I need to go to this church on sunday" It was a good thing that we got the missionaries out of that house, but they had a lot of crap in that house and it took a lot of trips back and forth. The trip was worth it because we bought some cinnimon pinapple almond bread that was really good, So we ate that on the way home.

It was an interesting week with lots of work and lots of driving, but that's what it takes to get it done. That is so great that you guys did so well in County swim tornament, you guys are really great swimmers. Just keep up all the great work! Love you all tons!

Con CariƱo

Elder Cannon

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