Thursday, September 26, 2013


Well this was a good week. We had to travel lots this week but we were able to get lots done which was really good.
So on monday we were going to head out early to try to get to Dajabon early and have some time up there to go to the market or something. As we were just about to go the assistants called me because they had gotten in an accident to we had to spend most of the morning in the police department doing reports and stuff. It was a pretty long and boring process. So we were finally done and loaded the truck up with a refridgerator and a mattress for the elders in Dajabon. We were driving on what you could call the highway and we were just going normal. there was a bridge in the road and if seems fine flat without any problems.right before the bridge there was a little dip in the road and then a second later it quickly went back up. It launched us in the air. there was one point when all four tires were off the road. It was fine landing was an issue because I was driving, the thing that we were worried about was the fridge and mattress in the back. But everything was fine the fridge didn't even move which was really a blessing, I guess knot tying has really paid off. We were able to go out there and we were just there for a little while. the zone leaders have a couple coconut trees in there yard. So we cracked some of them open and had fresh coconut milk and ate the meat. We had the meat with lemon juice and some salt and a little bit of tabasco sauce on it and it was actually really good.
We had to go and do a bunch of stuff all over the mission from paying rent that didn't go through the online transfers to moving missionaries to seeing new houses and setting dates to do the contracts. So it has been a really busy week and a lot of driving. This week my companion finally got his drivers lisence. so that really helped my patients teaching someone how to drive in the DR with all the crazy drivers here. It was a pretty interesting experience. I still drive when we are together but it is nice if he has to go with another missionary somewhere and I stay in the office.
Yesterday the assistants went with us to Nagua to drop off a new gas tank. That is a really long drive, and it is the farthest area in the mission, but we got president's permission and went out to Samama. It is within the mission boundries but it has been closed for years. It was a really neat little city and we had a lot of fun, but the drive was really really long. I ended up driving the whole time and we spent the majority of the day in the truck driving. We also had a guy come up to us and talk to us a little about the church. it was really different because most of the people that you find in the mission know who we are and you can see it in the way they act, but over there it was different the people just treated us like normal people and looked at us different because we were dressed in white shirts and ties. It was a great experience.
 This week we went to visit a less active. We had heard that three had been a fight and we went there and you could see that he had markes up and down his arms from nails and his wife was bruised and had some cuts. The husband got home drunk and they started to fight. She said that they were either coming back to the church or seperating. So we went there and when we got there she told us that she had finally given in. It was super sad she has stayed pretty strong through all of this, but the day we went there she had started to drink again. It just sickened my soul to see that she know what is right and I know she has a testimony of the church and then fall away. So that was super sad.
Well I am glad that you guys had a good time camping and that you were able to visit with so many people! I love you guys tons and hope that  you guys have a great week.
Con CariƱo
 Elder Cannon

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