Thursday, September 26, 2013


Hola Famlia,

This week was a pretty good week.

This week we had a ward council and we made a plan that if we work hard we can really help the ward but at the rate that we are going we are going to be a branch before we know it. This week also the Elders Quorum President the motor of the ward in terms of home teaching visits and mission work announced that they are moving. So that was a pretty big hit at the ward, With so many moving and nobody moving in it is really hard.

So this morning we went and did some service in the new house of the Elders Quorum president. There was a lot of trash that we had to take out of the house. So we went to dump it with some of the members. We tried to find a dumpster but decided that it would be easier to just take it to the dump. This is the same dump that I lived by when I was in Cien Fuegos. The members were pretty helpful. They told us not to go very far in the dump because the people that live there could come and attack us. So as soon as we were there I asked can we dump it here, and they kept saying just a little further just a little further. The off in the distance I saw a group of people and one of them saw us and pointed at us and all the people started to run towards us. There wasn't much that we could be. They jumped all over the truck. One of them was shouting at the others saying, "you get in there and I'll slash you with my Machete."  They actually unloaded the truck really fast. The members were just saying lock the doors lock the doors. One of the members was out of the truck but closer to the entrance. I had already locked the doors long before. After they unloaded they all came to my window to ask me for money. I told them I didn't have anything, and after that we just started to go. They all jumped in the back of the truck. We picked up the member and just got out of there. It was pretty crazy and it smelt absolutely horrible, and the amount of flies that were there was just unbelievable.

The ward activity this week was really good we had a lot of people show up, some that are inactive came as well. It was great the only bad thing was that the people in-charge hadn't prepared anything so they came to the missionaries to ask us to help them fast. So I ran out to the truck and grabbed the Liahona to share a small message that I had read that day. When I got in there I realized that it was in English so I had to translate it while I read it in front of them and then share a small testimony. It turned out alright they understood what the story was about and then one of the other missionaries thought of a great activity that we played and the activity turned out great.

Well I am great that you guys were able to drop off Tyler at the MTC. It is going to be a great experience for him. I love you guys tons and hope that you have a great week!

Con CariƱo

Elder Hunter Cannon

PS. I guess I better put Hunter or you might start to get confused which is which.

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