Thursday, September 26, 2013


Hello Familia,

So this week was pretty good we have been looking for a lot of apartments this week  which has been a bit of an adventure.

We had to do a bunch of exchanges with the assistants to find them all. so my companion would go with one of them and I would go with the other so that we could find all the houses. One of the areas is right next to Cien Fuegos and we drove all over that area and we didn't find anything, we drove through the only calm area trying desperatly to find a house there because the closer we got Cien Fuegos the Rougher it got so we slowly went further and further in towards Cien Fuegos, but we still didn't find anything so we decided we would give it one more pass by to see if there was a good house in nicer area. so we went there praying to find a house that would be good for missionaries, and right there we find a little sign that we hadn't seen before so that was a blessing.

So Yesterday we were able to go but to Aguas Blancas. Which is probably the tallest waterfall in the Dominican Republic. So as an office we all went up there I was driving. We had to go to constanza anyways to take a water heater to the sisters up there because it can get a bit cold. So we went up there and ate a a members house which wasn't a very good idea because she made this rice. The rice was just brown because of all the grease that it had in it. All the rice had in it was chunks of pit fat and grisle and bone, so it wasn't all that great. We then had to go on this crazy dirt road for about 45 minute to finally get there. There was one point where this really narrow road and we met up with a big truck hauling vegetables down the mountain. I got the truck over as far as I could but there was a ditch next to us. We were in a really muddy area to. The truck came down and was super close to us and them it slid into a big hole which tipped the truck towards us and just about smashed us. So it was a bit crazy this little road, but we got up there. They suggest that you take 4x4 up there but our truck didn't have any problems. It was really beautiful. I felt was though i was in utah because there were cedar trees and it smelt like pine and we were hiking around, and off roading. We had a blast, but it is a really long drive for just that. It was really funny how many times the guys in the back hit their heads on the windows because they were trying to look at something and the truck would go down in a big hole or up a big rock and they would smack their heads.

This week the work has been really hard because eveytime that we had some time we would go out and work and pass by some investigators houses and they couldn't share with us. Sometimes because they weren't home and others because they had visitors from out of town. So we have been able to do a little bit more service this week. Helping a guy move and carrying this plastic slabs to a member that moved away. The less active family that we were reactivating and finally had them going to church and they were starting to read as well they moved this week. So that was really sad that they moved. The ward really needed them because so many members are moving out of Pueblo Nuevo and somepeople have been going in-active and don't want to listen to the missionaries. So the work has been a bit difficult but we just have to find the right way to work out the hardships and try to get the members to help us out because without them it is a lost cause.

Well I hope that you guys have a great first week of school! that is so crazy that school is already starting up again! I love you guys tons and hope you have a fantastic week!

Con mucho amor in cariño

Elder Cannon

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