Thursday, September 26, 2013


So this week has been pretty special.

Yesterday we were able to go to the temple again. A family was going to be sealed and the assistants were busy so we had to take them. We had to leave to go and get them so we had to get up at 4 in the morning. We went to the temple and a couple of returned missionaries where there. Rondon was there and Eve and Ramos where all there and we were able to say hello. The temple was great and the sealing was great. It was pretty funny because the sealer was an old american guy who is learning spanish. He knows lots from a book, but just the way he frased things and his accent was really really funny when he was giving them some counsil, and the kids were pretty cute . It was great and them when we went out to eat we also had saw a couple other returned missionaris. It made me feel old in the mission because I was the only one who knew them personally the others had heard of them but never got to know them, and some of them left when the other missionaries got there and now they have 9 months. It was a great trip, but by the end of driving all day I just wanted to go to bed.

This week we ended up doing a couple exchanges with us and the assistants and it was pretty cool because those days the assistants had to do a couple of things. So Elder Cruz and I did them. We went with President to a couple of missionaries who are having some problems and them we went back and started making changes about who is going where and who is going to train in the coming transfer. It was great, and i had fun. Elder Cruz and I are good friends since the mtc in the DR.

So this week we have been able to see people finally want to make some changes in their lives. We have been teaching a less active family for a while now and it has been tough because slowly over time things have just gotten worse and worse for the family. Problems at work and they young adults don't have work and the mom just stuggleing to stay alive with all the problems that they have been having. Finally this week they just cracked. It was pretty funny being a part of it because it was like a cicle in the book of mormon. They were being blessing and them left the church and things have just been getting worse and worse and now the mom finally snapped and they decided to come back to church. They started to read and to pray and one of the sons got called to go and work. They came to church today and we are going to pass by again today to see how things are going and maybe we can get the bishop to go with us because the mom keeps saying that she wants to talk to the bishop and also it would be good to show him where they live.

It has been a busy week and we haven't had a ton of time to get out and share with the people and even more so that when we did get a chance they were home, so we went out and tried to visit people, and while we were out I saw this group of guys just sitting on the sidewalk. We were in a dark part of town, the neighborhood right by the bridge. I felt like i needed to contact them. So I waited for a minute because we had just knocked on a door to see if an old investigator was there, and then it came again so I walked over there and he was very receptive. We have an appointment to go over there today and teach him. It felt really good to contact and have the spirit there with us.

Well I hope that you guys had a great time up at Big John's Flat! I love you guys tons and enjoy the last couple weeks of summer.

Con CariƱo

Elder J. Hunter Cannon

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