Thursday, September 26, 2013


So this week was pretty awesome!

So this week my companion was getting a bunch of bug bites and a couple started to really swell up. Like the back of his hand was big and round you couldn´t see any knuckles or anything. So we had to go to the hospital. So we went there and the doctor told us that it was an alergic reaction so he was going to give him a shot and then some cream to rub on it to try to help it get better. So they had to give him the shot in the butt. When they told me that I started to laugh and told him and then i went outside the curtain. The nurse went in the and told my companion to lay down but he didn´t understand so she started to get really angry and shouting lay down! She eventually just pushed him and he got the clue, but started to laugh. it was really funny how angry she got but we were able to get done and out of there.

This week we have been trying to contact and find as many less actives that we can. We have found a lot of really people. We found a family that we thought was golden and then last night we found out their problem. It is going to be a little hard to help them, but the best thing is that I know that the gospel is really what they need in there lifes to make them happy and that way they can change a be a great family. But it is going to be a challenge. 

It has been going great I am loving it here in Villa ¨Gonzalez. I love you guys a ton and hope that you guys have a great week this week. especially with amandas house and everything going on. Love you guys tons!


Elder Cannon

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