Monday, January 9, 2012

1/04/12- The first week of a full year!

Hola familiaThis week has been pretty interesting. We´ll start with the bad. Well our house has some problems. The rats are definately back and we found out that they have made their house in our stove between the oven and the stove top in all of the insolation. We found that because there was enough poop to fall through the holes into the oven. So that was extremely nasty and the muffins that we baked on Christmas eve don´t seem as good. We can´t get in there to clean it out so we can´t bake anything. We have requested a new stove, but we don´t know how long that is going to take. Also we found mold stuff on the walls in our wash room. So we had to take the majority of a morning and clean our house as good as we could. We made sure that all the holes for the rats are covered and scrubbed the walls, we also had to clean up parts of the ceiling in the one cabinet. So that was a real pain in the butt, but now it is alright, it isn´t as bad as it seems we are both fine and loving life . We talked to president and he wants us to move so we are looking at two different places that are pretty nice so hopefully we can move soon.
We were able to go with a really cool guy named Juan Franko he just got off his mission and was a really good guy, he really made a difference with the visits that we made that night. It was really awesome. Our investigators are alright it is hard to get them to really progress, because they are not really keeping our comitments, but we found a couple who have a son that seems really interested and is a pretty smart guy, so we will go and see if he is really interested if he reads the stuff we left him, and we found another lady who is reading everthing that we have given her and we left her with a book of mormon, so we´ll get to see how she is doing with that.
During the lessons when it is hot and I´m tired and I´m not really understanding what is going on it is really hard to listen and pay attention, but I have really tired to pay extra close attention to what it going on in the lessons and I feel like I am understanding a little more, but I´m definately feeling the spirit more in the lessons which is really nice, and motivates me to pay attention in the lessons. Now when you read this don´t think that I am great at spanish I still don´t understand a lot during lessons, and when we´re not in lessons it is even harder to understand, but it comes little by little.
I don´t have any time left because I have been fiddling around with picture stuff, but the mission is great even though we have some problems it is great! I´m loving it out here. I love you guys and hope you are all having a blast at home! Adios
Elder Cannon

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