Monday, January 2, 2012

First Week- Check!

So my first week is over. It seems like I have been here for weeks already, but now that the first week is over it is flying by. We have made progress with our investigator. Yesterday we felt like he was ready to hear the baptismal challenge so we had a lesson on faith and baptism, after we had said all that we had written down all of our vocab and sentences of spanish we asked him and he said he didn't know why he had to be baptised again, he was already baptised in the catholic church, so we tried our best to answer his question. It was pretty cool because we were just going off the spanish that we knew but we were still able to teach somewhat, but he wouldn't commit. The district is coming along great, at first our district was awesome, but one elder couldn't stop talking about himself and the stuff he said was outrageous, and the district had so many inside jokes about what he said. We finally talked to him and things are really changing so that is going great. I found our Carson and I room in the same building so I get to see him all the time which is way cool. Spanish is hard, harder then I expected. Tyler Rachael spanish is harder because I had bad study habits my senior year I would just cram for the test and then forget all the info, and now when I am trying to remeber verbs and vocab I learn then for a while then forget them, so I am constently relearning which is a huge pain. So don't do what i did. I've been sleeping better now that our room temperature is down to 73 at night is was around 76, and now that Elder Tracy sleeps on his stomach, before he slept on his stomach in a snoring contest he could beat grandpa nowers noise by 3 times as loud. He could snore so loud that he could shake his bed. I am finally on my official schedule. Each day it changes but it is the same every week. I can email on fridays when I do my laundry, which is either 6:30 in the morning or during our regular laundry time which was around 2, but i only have 30 mins on my email each week so I don't think that we could chat very easily. I usually print off my emails and read them so I am not wasting time reading the emails. I also get to go to the temple on fridays which we are all looking forward to. I am not supposed to see anyone while i am on the field or going to the temple, but we go to the temple around 10ish I think maybe I mixed up our regular laundry and temple time, I don't have my schedule next to me. Everyday we have 50 mins of field time everyday monday and thursday it is early in the morning and the field isn't open, Saturday and I think wednesday is around 4 and tuesday is around 11, but those are just estimates. I need the keychain oil flask thing, another P-day t-shirt, and pair of shorts, and the petigree chart thing. Also if you could send the photo album. I need my drivers licence as soon as it comes. I got my itinerary yesterday so I leave november 10 at 3 am from the MTC, my flight is american airlines that leaves at 6:30ish we fly to dallas texas have 45 mins to get to our next flight going to miami, we have a 4 hour lay over there then we fly to santo domingo, so excited! I have only 13 days left, but I really need my drivers license, but before you send it make sure you make a copy of both the front and the back. I Love you guys, how are joshua and allison doing with the deal about eating their food? Tyler Math is tough to get just because it is going to fast, the homework isn't bad as long as you understand the lessons, if you don't talk with palmer he really helps, Rachael I hope you start feeling better, and don't get caught up about the little things. Mom I appreiciate all of you letters and comments, If you email me I only get them every friday so emailing me a couple times each week, I would rather have it all be in one emaill; Dear elder I recieve on a daily bases so if you use that I get it usually that day. Dad I know that you can relate about all the experiences, and I have been stuffing myself with no wieght gain so far, If you ever drive my I am in 18m it is the large building second from the left, It is also the parley P pratt building, on the fourth floor, but the first one is sunk in the ground so second from the time in the third window that is where I am usually all the time. Well I have to go. I love you all and hope that you are enjoying life without me. ;)
Love Elder Cannon

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