Monday, January 2, 2012

12/21/11- First Day in the Field

Hola Familia,
This week has been really busy trying to get everything ready to go. President left on sunday so me and my companion had to do more to make sure that everyone was doing what they needed to be doing. We left the MTC and went and got on a bus to go to santiago. There were 10 of us that are going up there. I feel like i have a lot of stuff. The bus ride was about 2.5 hours, when we got here President Lee was waiting for us. We went to the mission home which is in a really nice are and it is pretty big. They gave us a ton of papers and told us a bunch of stuff that we need to do. Dinner was good we had pizza, which was really good because it has been awhile that I haven´t had pizza. A bunch of missionaries came and we went out on splits which was a ton of fun. I went with Luke Newmeyer, he is from lindon and knows amanda so that was pretty cool. Spanish is alright I can understand the main points of the lesson, that is because in the MTC you usually use religion language, but in the streets it is hard to understand. It was pretty cool serving in my actual mission has a different feel to it. We came back after teaching a couple of lessons and doing some contacting. A lot of missionaries know Braden so that is pretty cool. Had an interview with the president which was really good, he told me some stuff that he wanted me to do, and it was cool because alot of the stuff that he told me to do was the same stuff that braden told me to do, so he was pretty happy about that. We had dinner and then time to read the papers that they gave me and prepare for tomorrow. I was able to play the piano and play some ping pong.
We stayed at the mission home that night which was pretty nice, and it was the last hot shower in the morning. We packed up which was hard to move all my bags and two boxes with a fan, but I was just dropped off my one of the zone leader in the truck. My companions name is Elder De Leon. He is way cool he know braden really well. Tell braden that he is my trainer. Our appartment is pretty big it was orginally for four elders to live there but now it is just the two of us. He said that it is one of the worst houses in the mission but i didn't think that it was too bad, but we do have rats that come in during the night and crawl around the kitchen, I guess i get to experience that tonight. Our area is Cein Fuego, it used to be two areas but now it is just one so it is pretty big. I got the packages and that was really nice, I had to open them right away because we went shopping today and I needed to know what things we needed. it was really cleaver about your scriptures, but the twelve days of christmas didn't really work because you didn't have numbers on the presents. Today is just P-day so I was able to unpack for the most part and then we went to Jumbo, Just a big store, and bought the food that we need. Oh just so you know I am good with shampoo. Don't worry about sending anymore hair gell. I haven'g been using it since the second week in provo so I still have the original stuff that you gave me, I really liked all of the seasoninngs that you sent me they should last a long time, peanut butter they do have but it is really expensive so that was nice. I really like the poem that Tyler wrote it was reallly good, and the picture that allison drew for me it was very pretty! It was really nice to hear from the ward, but I will try to write something and send it to you through the mail to give to the ward. I'm doing fine with everything and don't need anything so don't worry about sending anything. Just think of questions for Sunday and I'll talk to you then. We are planning on skyping at about 1, but I don't know how sure that time is, from the sound of it it is pretty sure. So that makes it 9 your time. I don't have any idea what I am going to talk about with you on sunday, so think about questions or things that you want to know. It is really sweet here in the DR! I love you all and will talk to you on Sunday! Adios
Elder Cannon

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