Monday, January 2, 2012


Hola familia,
First of all let me clarify on the food you sent. The jerky I went to open it and it was moldy, I don´t know if it had a hole in it somewhere but it had gone moldy. Don´t worry about sending jello I can get it here for less then a dollar. The browny mix and the quick mixes with water are really good. Also the water mix flavor stuff is good.The seasonings were also really good. I will tell you when I need anything like shampoo. We really have no idea when we get mail here it all depends on when we see the zone leaders and if they saw the office elders or the aps and when they saw them they had the mail with them, so it is a very long system.
This week has been has been really pretty good. We have been able to get a couple new investigators, and some of them the way that we got them to let us in was through singing which has been really good, and now they are pretty receptive. We are trying to find people who are strong in their faith right now, so that when they are converted they will strong members in the church, but they really like to talk, sometimes in a louder voice about religion so that has been pretty interesting. We are also going back to Rafiel´s house (the crazy guy that prayed for 15 min agout people killing each other) so that is going to be interesting.
Jesus Cabrera now has a baptismal date, that was a way cool lesson. My companion told me that I was going to teach the majority of the lesson, and we were teaching about prayer. So I started the lesson and I was understanding him pretty well, well enough that I was able to answer his questions and have a regular conversation with him. So that was really cool. We have also been able to plan to go with a bunch of members this week and that is one of the zone goals this week so that should be really good as long as they really come with us. Lately they have always said that they would come with us and end up have work or something like that.
We definately have rats in our apartment so we are trying to find a really good trap to get rid of them, but they can´t get to our food or anything like that, so that will be an adventure. I don´t think we are going to try putting gas in the hole and lighting it on fire, that wouldn´t turn out very good.
We had a zone soccer game this morning which was a ton of fun, but boy you really get sweety, and the worst part of it is that after you have to change back in your prosoliting clothes to travel back to your house to shower. If you don´t hang up your clothes to dry afterwards they will go moldy really quick, which is a pain.
I think that I am getting more tan, which is nice, but everyone here still stares at me which is really annoying, and it is funny when I am in a house teaching a lesson and people walk by twice just to see a white guy. There are only four americans in my zone, and one of them is my companion who has darker skin.
Another pretty crazy thing about here is the way that people dress. the other day my companion just randomly said that lady really needs to change, and when I looked up it was a heavier woman who was wearing pants that looked like jeans but they were see through and she was wearing a thong, I have no idea why they find that attractive, it was really nasty. We see someone dressed really stupid every now and again and we just laugh.
I feel like I am getting used to the way things are here and can focus more on the work then all the crazy thing happening around me, and it was funny after I had told you that nobody was hissing at me, a few people hissed at me. I am feeling more comfortable about the area and somewhat know where things are.
If you want to look on google maps we live in monte bonito apartments, building 6 apartment level 1 number 2 it is a pink and creamish building. next to it there is a basketball court and recreation building and a catholic church with a little ground area that has a fence around it. it depends on when the picture was taken either around the buildings will be a large amount of gravel area, or it will be packed with cars, most likely the gravel.
Tyler I think that I figured out carsons email, I found a mistake that i had made when I was trying to email him, so I will let you know if it works, but thank you very much for trying to get it for me, and another question are you posting an address to where people can send me mail, and did you end up doing the blog thing?
Well I have to go. I love you all and hope that you all have a great new year! the next time I talk to you it will be 2012 and my black year, or the year that I won´t see family or friends for an entire year, that will be weird. Les amo mucho Adios!
Elder Cannon

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