Monday, January 2, 2012


Hola mi familia,
This week has been really crazy at the begining of the week we had a devotional from a MTC devotional back in 1/11 from Elder Holland. And it was incredible, there is no way that I could begin to explain it. It was a straight forward elder holland type of talk. It has changed my perspective of my mission! You should try to watch it somehow. It was really a spiritual high and has me fully commited to do everything in my power to be the best missionary that I can. The day after such a spiritual high is was so hard. I wasn't understanding a lot of the spanish so I was lost a lot of the time and I kept thinking about other things like thanksgiving and driving going out and playing sports so it was just hard to stay focused. Then yesterday it was the toughest day since the first week in the provo MTC it was going great until president came into our class right when I was teaching our teacher about the love of God, and so you get a picture of how the president is he wants you to always teach from the scriptures so if you say something in the lesson he askes where is a scripture that says that, I right then I was stuck and the class started to help out and it turned into a arguement instead of a lesson and I was trying to say anything but it was all going so fast and then after that my brain was dead and the rest of the night was so hard I wasn't getting anything any spanish any of what the teacher was trying to teach us, so I just hope that somehow my brain got the message and I will have learned from that experience.
It was awesome we were able to go to the university. We talked with a lot of people and most I could understand somewhat mainly because it was about the gosple and they were speaking really slow just for us. The last guy we talked to was a perfect investigator. He is fully commited to his family and serving them, but he is willing to devote his whole life to God he just didn't know what God wanted him to do. He was very willing to talk to us and was very excited, he mumbled a lot, but he did know some english which helped with the conversation, but we gave him a Book of Mormon and talked to him about it and we read the last bit of the introduction and he was way interested. We gave him the number to the other missionaries and hopefully he will call them but that was a really fun experience! I heard the fastest speaking in my life, it was a wonder how anyone could get their mouth to move that fast, it was incredible, he said what he had to say three times and I didn't get any of it.
Spanish is coming but it is a challenge as always, some of the concepts are difficult and just remembering the amount that they try to teach you here is insane, and then teaching they tell you to always practise what you are learning, but is hard to think of what you are going to say and then remember how to say it in spanish with all the verbs and right words and then congugating into the right tense and subject it is hard to remember what you were trying to say in the first part, but the Lord is helping me a ton, there is no way that I could have learned this much in the amount of time that I have been here, which has been flying by. For Tyler enjoy the small things in life. I have to go so adios and have a great time for thanksgiving and finding a christmas tree! I love you all! Elder Cannon

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