Thursday, January 12, 2012

1/11/12 -- This week they carried Jesus to church!

Hola Familia
Before I forget here are somethings that I was going to tell you. The letters work the best when if you use the florida address. They get here 10 times faster and are cheaper for you and as far as I know they don´t cost anything for us here. Either in the next package or with braden please send a few Cd´s like David Lanz and some others, maybe with your favorite songs, mission appropriate. And if you really are going to sell my car, I´m fine with that as long as you get everything out of it under the carpet in the hood and under the speakers in the back. And I finally was able to order the scripture cases and the bag from billy.
This week has been pretty good. We have had two special meetings. The first was with a really cool guy he used to be a professor at BYU he came and talked about the truths that are in the Book of Mormon and history and how they are linked which is really cool. My companion told me that most of the stuff is in the Book of Mormon study manual so I ordered that to help me study. The other one was with President Lee. It was cool because I was able to go to the leaders meeting before because my companion is a DL. We talked about how we can be better with working with members and how we can better use the church and going to church with our investigators. The only bummer about all of these meetings is that I really haven´t had a good study time for days.
Our investigators are really great! This week we really wanted Jesus to go to church, but our ride fell through and we couldn´t get anyone else to come and give him a ride. So me and my companion went with determination. He lives on a road that is really bad and has a stream running through it. My companion and I carried him to church which was a great experience. We almost dumped him because I rolled my foot on a big rock and just about fell over, but we didn´t. On the way back my companion didn´t quite make it over the stream so his feet were wet, but we got Jesus to church. We also challenged him to read the entire Book of Mormon before his baptismal date on the 28 of January, because the only thing keeping him from fully committing is not having an answer yet so we promised him an answer if he reads the Book of Mormon all the way. He is way cool he is already paining a tithe, I don´t know to who but he does and he is already fasting, and is keeping all of his commitments. The only thing that we are worried about is that he is really wants to walk again and he really believes that he is going to walk again, we are just worried that he is looking for a miricle to show him that this is the true church, so we are going to try to explain all about that to him this week. A lady Socorro is way spiritual and loves the bible we gave her a book of mormon and she has been reading it like crazy, her daughter is falling in love with me and my companion, she loves it when we sing and asks us to sing all of the timeƱ the Angle the husband is pretty crazy last time we went he was telling us all of his past sins and how he doen´t want anything to do with religion. So that was really hard, we were just wondering why Socorro was staying with this guy. Johan (joan) is really doing great he now has a baptismal date for the 11 of February, we just hope that he does everything so that he can be baptised that day, but he is really progressing so we expect that everthing will work out great. It was hard this week we had to go and talk to Hermana Blanca (the lady that fed us on Christmas eve) she is too attached to the missionaries and her family is suffering from it. She really loves the missionaries and wants the best for them. But we had to go and tell her that we can´t pass by anymore, and that she should work on the relationships with her family. By the end she was crying and We really care about her so it was hard, but we know that it is the best thing that we can do for her.
We had the fumigador come and spray the house down, and while he was doing that we did a deep clean of the oven, it was really really nasty, but now the oven looks like new and is fine so we are making sure that the rats can´t get in our house because we blocked all of the holes. We are looking for a house we need to find two because they are going to split my area, which will be nice so we can focus on a smaller area. We found two houses we hope that we get them they would be nice to live in. Well I have to go I´m Loving it out here. I love all of you and would like to wish Allison and Dad a very happy Birthday I hope that you guys had a blast! I love you very much I´ll talk to you next week!
Elder Cannon

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