Thursday, January 19, 2012

1/18/12- Trying to get Jesus to come to church

Hola Familia
This week has been really good. Today was Santiago Pday so we were able to go to the office and get things that we needed from there I got a really good book that I got to read after all the other really good books that I have on the list to read. I haven´t made much progress with Jesus the Christ, but I am trying to read a lot we just don´t have as much time as I thought we would.
Crazy stuff that happened this week. For the most part is has been raining at night so we haven´t really gotten that wet. The past couple of days it has been raining alot, but only while we have been in lessons. During a lesson it will rain hard and then when we go to leave it will lighten up to a little more then a mist, which has been a huge blessing. One of the times when it was really raining we were under this overhang of a house and watched a dog die. It was just sitting there and it had blood and snot coming out of its nose and it looked like it was trying to cough up stuff which was really nasty and it was just laying over to die it was pretty sad and nasty at the same time. Some of the crazy things that happen here are. Every weekend is take your child to the club with you which is really gross. There are naked kids that run around and sometimes they pee where ever they want sometime off of the upper floors down in the sidewalk. There is a lot of liter and garbage everywhere. I have seen a family of four on a motorcycle carrying buckets of stuff. There are dogs that get stuck together which is really nasty.
This week has been really good spiritually during one of the lessons I got the chills four times and I thought that I was getting sick, and I finally paid attention to the thoughts and feelings and we just needed to go home a different route which was really good, and we got home safely. Jesus is doing pretty good, we came this week and he had searched the church online read the rest of the pamphlets that we have, watched some of the movies that the church has on the website and looked up the temple, he is following every commandment to the dot, everyone but he has a doubt about the sabbath day and we have tried to explain it to him over and over using different scriptures but he still has that doubt. He is in the end of alma which is really amazing. But this week he asked us to move his bauptism date later to give him a chance to finish the book of mormon and receive and answer, which was acceptable. We are just hoping that we can help him get over this doubt. It is just really hard we haven´t been able to find a scripture where it commands us to meet on Sunday we have found scriptures of examples but not where it says that it should be sunday.
We haven´t moved yet it is in the paper work process and waiting for the office elders to come out and see it and make sure that it has everything that it should, so we don´t know exactly when we are going to move, but we just keep cleaning the house that we are in and it isn´t that bad. This week has been really awesome! The mission is awesome. Well I have to go now and I love you all talk to you next week.
Elder Cannon

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