Monday, January 2, 2012


This week has been really crazy but first I would like to answer some questions before I forget. I have received the poem from amanda a dear elder from tyler and a dear elder from mom. I have not received the packages that you have sent yet, but I hope that they come soon. Oh and for grandpa hermano niƱes said that there are cows here but there aren't a tone of them here.
So at the begining of the week we were able to go to the super market, it was pretty crazy. it was really big and was the store that is like a Walmart. In the clothing section they were playing the theme song to bonanza which I thought was really funny. they had a lot of similar stuff the stuff that is native is really cheap and the stuff that is imported is more expensive, except soda which is really cheap. All I got were some of the things that I needed some paper deoderant soap and some pens (roughly) it was really wierd going up to pay for it and they ask for $500, it was really only $13 but it was really weird feeling passing over a $500 bill to them. some of the missionaries cards weren't working here because they forgot to tell their banks that they were going to be in the dominican republic. I wasn't able to find an ATM so I don't know if my card is working here or not, but will you double check that we have imformed the bank that I am going to be in the Dominican Republic.
That day we also had a devotional with President Glazier about the atonement that was really great. We went in dept about teh atonement and talked about how it applies to each of our struggles while we are on our missions and how it can help our investigators. I was great we read a lot from alma 42 and others but mainly from that one. It has really helped me remember how important it is that not only do we invite our investigators to use the atonement, but also that we as missionaries can use it when we are struggling, it was a great reminder for me.
This week the latins are coming to the mtc so my district had to move, but we were ok about it. He moved us because he wanted the elders that he trust to be in their own area and to keep all the latins in the same area. It was great because the new rooms are for 8 people and we only have 4 they were for the sisters so each room has 2 bathrooms and 3 sinks so getting ready is a lot easier and the beds are softer as well. My old bed sounded like I was crunching dead bugs evertime I would move. And there is a ton of room in the new rooms. and just outside our room is the window to the temple which is really nice to see every morning.
My companion and I were relieved of our district leader duties and are now the zone leaders. It is crazy because we have to help all of the latins get into their rooms and class and the works so that is stretching my spanish. last night we had to wait up for the last two elders coming in yesterday they got in at around 11 so we were up for a while.
Something that was really funny was during an interview with Hermano Sanchz during coaching missionary study he was talking about certain elders in the district that could use help and how they were doing in spanish. He turned to me and said in spanish, "I am very proud of you spanish" and I translated it as, "you are very proud with you spanish" so I responded "I know that I am proud when it comes to spanish I have been working on it and will continue to study humility. It was pretty embarassing, but it was funny. Another really funny thing was the avacados here are enormous and we had them for lunch one day and a missionary hadn't really eaten them before. They were just in slices with the skin on it so he took a big bite skin and all, and just how he wanted to fit in so he said this is really good.
Thank you for all you do I hope that you have a great week! I have to go now. I love you!
Elder Cannon

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