Monday, January 2, 2012


So this week has been alright. It seems like everyday is going slower now that I have my travel plans, and it is getting harder to pay attention. We got two new investigators this week and Diego left, we now teach Chritian and Tomàs, they are both pretty good investigators Christian is about 20 and seems interested by it is hard to get him to do what we commit him to do. Tomas is great he always does the commitments that we leave him and we can see his faith in Christ has grown since he has started taking the lessons. Christian has accepted the commitment to be baptized, but he won't commit to a date until he know that the church is true. My district is seeing a little more conflict, just because peoples personalities are setting in now and they are getting irritated more often, It is mainly at elder wirig, so that is starting to be a bit more of a problem. My instructors are pretty awesome, Brother bailey went to porto rico and his twin to the dr so he knows alot about the language there and what to expect. He is way big in sword fighting, he goes and fights with wooden swords and armor with long bows ( they have about a fist size end that isn't sharp) and they have big battles, he has been fighting since he was 8 so he is pretty good. he also does a great inpression of smeagle. The language is coming but I can't see as easily the progress I have made so it is harder to pay attention. I see a lot more kids from pleasant grove so that is a bit weird to see them, but it is also way cool. Next wednesday I will be packing and doing laundry so i don't know if i will be able to get on to email or not, but I hope so. I have some stuff that I am going to send home, but I won't send it until next week some time. Also remeber to send in my court judge thing. The pancakes were alright, the only time we ate them was before gym on the days that we had gym before breakfast, but they went bad really fast and you sent way too much butter and jam. so I will send the jam home the butter melted into a mess. My toiletries bag shower part has started to come apart, as well as my cheap laundry bag and my journal had some pages fall out that I am trying to glue back in. The MTC is hard, my companion elder tracy is having a hard time because of the amount of stress that is here. It is so hard because there is a lot of stress and you can't releave your stress the same as you did at home, so Tyler practise good stress relieving skills, because you only get one 50min gym time a day there is no music at all in the mtc, but when we are doing our computer language study we listen to music on so basically every stress relieving things that you have won't be here or you will get very little, and it is easy to get overwhelmed. You just have to realize that the language will come little by little and everything will just take care of itself. elder tracy is worrying about home and his girlfriend so before you go tyler make sure you don't have a girl friend. The halloween stuff you sent was pretty cool we had a party in my room that night. I carved the ghost picture that you guys sent me. I got my fist haircut today because they don't let you cut your own hair, so I went to the barbershop they cut it pretty short, but it is ok. The food here they are definetly going to quantity and not quality. It isn't too bad but everything starting to taste the same and we are getting a little sick of it, but that is probably because we are looking forward to the food in the DR. I hurt my back the first week I got here, and it is starting to feel better. elder tracy wants me to go see a doctor, but that is probably because he popped his hip and he wanted to go and get it checked out and doesn't want to be alone. I got my suit dry cleaned this week and it was really cheap it was $6 to dry clean a suit. Will you send me more stamps, just so I don't have to buy them in the DR, and maybe suitcase zipper locks, about 4-5 locks, if you send them. Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts, I am doing by best to bless you in spanish every night when I pray, Sounds like everyone is have a great time with being asked out my a senior to having flat tires and doing doughnuts in the dessert having a evening with dad all by his self hearing the prophet. It sounds like a blast, but things here are a blast, my district tells a ton of jokes and stuff so that is one way that we relieve stress and singing in the choir, I hope that a apostle comes before I leave that would be awesome! my time is expired so I have to go now. Adios I should be able to call you this thursday but that isn't for sure yet. Love you all!
Elder Hunter Cannon

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