Monday, January 2, 2012


Hola Mi Familia
Thing here have been pretty crazy, the time has been flying by I can't believe that we go out in the field in 12 days. I am definately nervous but above all I am way excited to be going. Spanish is hard, I know that back in Utah you think that I am pretty good at spanish, well it is really hard. I constantly feel like I am behind to where I think everyone else is, but I have talked with other missionaries and they feel the same way so I am not too worried. I haven't received the packages yet and today I just received three more dear elders and haven't read them yet so I'll answer any questions next week.
This week my companion has been sick at first it was the flu and now he has a cough and sore throat. I have been feeling good until yesterday when for lunch we had stomach soup, it actually was too bad and I ate a big bowl of it, but about 20 mins later it was coming out the other end, my stomach didn't feel very happy at all. It felt like a boxing match in my gut, ugh! After dinner though I felt much better so that was really good to get other food in my stomach. It feels like the days are getting faster and the nights are getting a lot faster. They say that the first six months drag and then it really flies by, but it is already flying by so I can't even imagine what the time will do when I am out in the field.
It is sad this week another elder went home, that makes four elders, and it is really sad to see them leave the mission field. Some say that they will come back but we'll have to see if they really do.
I haven't been able to buy the scripture cases or the fanny pack, the one guy came also does the scripture cases but they aren't as good and I didn't get them from him, he ended up messing up on a bunch of peoples. I know that you sent me the phone number but that doesn't really do my any good because I can't call anybody, so we'll just have to see when I get up to Santiago.
I do get to pray and read my scriptures a lot and I hope that I am studying them the best that I can because there is so much to study.
I sent a letter to you last week on the 1st I think, so look for it. It is pretty much the Christmas gift that I can send so you can't open it until christmas eve or christmas. We were able to watch the Christmas devotional, which was really great I hope that you were able to see it. It brought the true spirit of chirstmas into my heart. Honestly it doesn't feel like Christmas at all it is always 80ish and I do the same thing pretty much everyday, but I can feel the spirit everyday which is great to have it. the weather is all the same, it isn't that humid right now so that is good, and it isn't that hot yet, but this is the cold time of the year. It is funny to see everyone in Jeans and a t-shirt and others in jackets and we are really hot just in our slacks and short sleeve shirts.
Everthing is going great I'm not sick I don't need anything that I can think of, if you sent a cd player then send the david lanz orchestra version please in the next package. That all I can think of I really appreciate all that you guys do for me!
Will you do me a favor tyler and look up carsons mission email. His sister should have but it on facebook. if it isn't there ask her to give it to you the one he gave me doesn't work, and make sure that you have my address on my facebook.
I love you all and really appreciate all of you prayers and i pray for you too.
Love Elder Cannon

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