Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Hola Familia
I attached a file that my companion gave me that is really funny. Enjoy!
Here are some things that I need you to send me. My line of authority, and rileys email address. Some awesome news is that Elder Bednar is coming to my mission the 13th of February. So we are really excited for that! This week here in the DR. We had the office elders come to our house and move out all of the extra stuff, because they are splitting our area. So we spend all morning moving stuff into the new house that we had to find, but isn´t for us. It is for the new elders that come into our area. That was a ton of fun except going up the spiral staircase with a fridge and a stove.
Our house in dying. We found about a hundred flies and a couple of cockroches that were dead in our house this week, and fussy moss mold stuff that is growing in the ceiling. We should be moving next transfer which is next week, but that is the hope it may be later we don´t know yet.
All of our baptismal dates have fallen because they don´t have enough weeks to get the required amount of times to go to church. So we are going to set new dates and work towards them. Jesus wants more time to read the book of mormon, but he is doing great stuff he has searched the churh online and read a bunch of stuff on there and watched some of the movies that they have on there. He also wanted us to help him take pictures in front of the church so that he could put them on facebook. He is fasting to receive an answer so that is great! Johan is still progressing, but it is a stuggle to get him to church, he is always helping his dad who was in an accident and he is always over there on sundays, but this sunday should be better he should be coming to church. We contacted a reference of a family who seem really interested. They already have a Book of Mormon and have great potential. A little girl was walking down the street when we were on our way home and ran over to us. She said that she really wants to be baptised and they told her that she had to be taught by the missionaries and go to church, so she came and found us. We are going to visit her today so that should be really good.
We were walking down this allyway thing and this little tiny girl with a bottle in her mouth was walking down it alone which isn´t that wierd, but when we walked by she ran up and smacked me, it was really funny, she seemed so angry that I had different colored skin or something. Another time when we were walking home some guy mooned us, that was pretty interesting.
People here are freezing at around 9 and I feel great it feels so good, so I am a little worried about the summer. Everything is going great! I love you all and hope that you are having a great time!
Congratulations Rachael for getting your young women medalion, and sorry to hear about daisy. But for future reference please sent the letters for the week earlier. I love you all!
Elder Cannon

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