Monday, January 2, 2012


Hola Familia,
It has been pretty crazy here since it is the last week. The missionaries are all getting anxious and nervous to get out into the field. So that has been pretty crazy. Last night after my companion and I did the hallway walk and were in bed. We hear screaming, and I mean bloody murder screaming. My companion and I are trying and fast as we can to get up and find out what is going on. We get out in the hallway and there is nothing. It is silent, so we start walking down the hallway checking the rooms, when we get to the end of the hall one of the elders stuck his head out the door. We were asking what was going on, when we see his companion running from where my districts room is, just laughing. We found out that he was hiding under one of the elders beds and when he was done with his prayers he grabbed his legs and was growling lifting his bed up with is back. So that was a pretty funny experience this week.
To try to answer all of the questions. I am still learning a scripture a day, and that has helped me. The fruit is really good, but we usually get the same fruit all the time bananas, watermelon, pinapple, and papia. We had the plantains for the thanksgiving dinner, they were supposed to be the pumpkin pie so it was more of a spice pie that was alright, but doesn't compare to pumpkin pie. The people here are very receptive, and are always willing to talk about religion so that has made it easy when we have the opportunities to go out into the field.
I haven't received any of the packages yet so so hopefully I get them when I get up to the mission home. I did receive the pin number so don't worry about that. Dear elders take roughly 10 days to get here, because they bring mail only once or twice a week, but I have no idea what it is going to be in the field. The dear elders come to I think it is the west mission and so they will probably take longer to get up to me.
My body is adjusting to the food and the climate, but you have to realize that for pretty much all day everyday except fridays I am in an air conditioned building. So I still think that the real adjusting is yet to come. My nose is fine, I can breath fine out of it.
Thank you tyler for writing me back on the 5th. It finally got here, and it was great to hear about what you are doing. To answer your questions you feel different, but not invincible, as long as you are doing what you are supposed to and don't do anything stupid then you are fine. You feel like the spirit so much and sometime you become accustomed to it and you don't realize that you have it until you say something stupid and it leaves then you can feel it leave. There really isn't any big change it comes with the things that you are supposed to being doing, you get the spirit becasue you are praying and studying and listening for the spirit. Your willingness to work and how you study, it is all the same. So make sure that you prepare to work and study, by working and studying. I really liked what you said about having that really strong desire to serve a mission, because there are times when that is all you have is the desire to serve the Lord, and if you remeber why you are really out on your mission it will be easier to stay focused and work hard all the time.
We went into the field and go on splits with the missionaries in the field last week and agian tomorrow. My companion was from Honduras so that was cool, he spoke pretty much no english, but he was really trying to learn english. We went to an appointment with an investigator and we had to reschedule because it wasn't a good time. The next appointment was with a lady that was baptised a year ago, we shared scriptures and just talked about it, and we were there for an hour which was really long especially for here. We had to hurry to the next appointment because it was raining a ton. It was a member whose daughter isn't a member. They were pretty hard ot understand because they would say the domincan verson of a word and I had no idea what they were saying and then they would try to say it in english and I couldn't even tell that it was in english so that was tough, especially when it is really noicy they have people coming around all the time with megaphones mounted to trucks trying to sell stuff and all the windows are open because it is hot so you really can't here. We rode in the taxis which is crazy. They usually have a toyota carola 80's models and then they are pretty beat up and ride pretty low. They cram 4 people in the back and then 2 people in the passanger seat and then the drive. So tomorrow I get to go out again into the field and I should get the same companion, but we'll see. It was really cool and made me see how much I still have to work on, so it was really motivating.
My roommates are really cool, my companion and I always scare elder Coleman he is so funny so that has changed it up a little and brought some fun into our daily routine.
I just wanted to say that I love you all. I'm really proud of Joshua for learning Jingle bell rock, that is one of my favorite ones. Allison I hope that you are feeling better and don't itch anymore, I sorry that you had to get sick. Rachael I'm glad that you are having fun and earning money babysitting all the kids in the ward. Tyler enjoy it while it lasts not having any college classes right now. Mom and Dad I got your dear Elders a couple of days ago I really appreciate that, Mom that wasn't the right talk from elder holland but that one is really great, it was a MTC tuesday night devotionalin January of 2011.
Tyler just a reminder about trying to get carson's email for me that would be great.
I love you all and hope that you are all enjoying the time off of school and work to celebrate Christ's birth take the time to truely feel the spirit of Christmas and come closer to your Savior. Don't worry about me and eat all the sweets you can! I'm having a blast here always feeling the spirit of Christmas, and constently coming closer to the Savior! I love you all!
Love, Elder Cannon

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