Monday, January 2, 2012

11/17/11- First week in the DR MTC

So it is pretty crazy here. When we first got here in the airport I couldn't understand anything that anyone was saying and they were all trying to get us to do different things and they were trying to take our bags places and show them boarding passes and tickets and all sorts of stuff, and I really didn't like not understanding anything that was going on. As we drove to the MTC it was crazy we were in a huge bus going about 80mph the driver would get within inches of the cars bumper then honk and speed up and barely clear them with the side of the bus. We almost made a sandwhich with a landrover and the barrier on the freeway. We almost got t-boned a couple of times. During the ride we passes some really poor areas and that was pretty sad. There were piles of garbage in vacant lots and at some of the corners of streets, with stray or wild dogs around them. As we come closer to the west side and closer to the temple it went form really poor to well off. There are big buildings and some pretty nice car dealerships, like ferraris and stuff, but they had guards there sitting on the side walk.
We got to the MTC and we got new companions my companion is Elder Burningham he is pretty cool guy he is from kaysville. So Joshua it is really nice here the MTC is pretty new and has AC. The food is good, but sometimes it doesn't really agree with my stomach. For breakfast we have this Nestle Chocolate oatmeal goop it is alright I usually dip my toast in it, and we have some cereals and we eat those with powder milk, I can eat it with my cereal but I can't drink the stuff. Lunch here is their biggest meal they always have rice and beans with some other side usually these potatoe stuff and then we have chicken and usually another piece of meat. It is a ton of food for lunch so to try to put it in persective it is about two fists of rice with a ladle of beans over top and two to three scoops of the potatoe stuff so about as much as the rice and then a piece of chichen and another usually smaller piece of meat. Overall it covers the entire plate and is heaped as high as it can be. Usually I finish it all because I am always hunger. Dinner it just depends on the day so far we have had tacos and mexican stuff a couple times and another night we had this stuff that reminded me of sloppy joes, and it isn't that huge. Every meal we always have bananas and these rolls that look like hotdog buns, and juice. During either lunch or dinner we usually get pinapple or papia ( sorry about the spelling) So the food is alright. The place is pretty nice I haven't seen a single bug in the MTC at all, we have hot water and ac so that is way nice, we can drink the water but it is pretty clorinated so I don't drink it. I'm glad that joshua and allison are eating all their food. Here they have great avacados and fruit the pineapple is so good!
The language is hard as always, when I first got here it was really hard to understand the teachers here, but now I can understand at least what they are saying most of the time. The teachers are natives and they know some english which is helpful. The temple is way pretty here and we get to go and walk around it usually everyday it we want to, there are a ton of lizards that we see as we walk around the temple. I am trying to see if the Atkinsons (grandma and grandpa cannons neighbor) will take my clock home to you. It changes itself back to your time every threeish days so then we never wake up on time, I have tried to fix ti but it still changes back. The atkinsons are going back this weekend it not then I'll probably send it home. I'm glad that everyone is doing well in all their activities. Make sure that if you are going to send a package that everything in the package will last the trip, because if not then I have to pay for it and then just throw it away. the packages will usually sit in the sun at some point before it gets to me, if you send money or stuff like that they suggest you put them inbetween pass along cards and then laminate them together, but that is if you send that. Later today my district has the oprotunity to go out with someone and go see somethings in the city.
Allison I wanted to say hello to you and thanks for saying hello to me.
Joshua Thank you for writing me. I hope that I answered all of your questions, if you have any more just ask. I also wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday this friday! Big nine years old. I hope that you eat extra cake and ice cream for me! Wow you are getting so old.
The weather here is always humid and hot, when it rains for some reason the peole here don't like to be out in the rain, when me and my companion were walking back from the temple which is literally across a driveway all them people kept telling us to get out of the rain, so we did but I wonder why. It has rained everyday that I have been here. And when it rains it is a quick shower it will sprinkle then dump and then be gone and it will be sunny again. When we play basketball for the little time that we have by the end I am really sweaty and am so greatful for the ac in the building, in the field there will be no mercy.
The usual day we get up and ready then we have breakfast we come back for Tall which is language study on the computer, then we study in the class you until lunch we usually study for the grammer that will be taught later that day and we have Hermano Sanchz who comes in and teaches us and then he is one of our progressive investigators. we have lunch then study more in the class you we then have gym and time to shower after then dinner and more studying in the classroom, and Hermano Rubio who comes and teaches us then and we have the opprotunity to teach him as one of our investigators. I feel like I am learning the language faster here because they speak faster but nothing compared to the domincans. We have devotionals twice on sunday and once on tuesday they are usually just a recording of a provo mtc broadcast that we watch.
The mtc presidency is awesome they are so great with the scriptures and with helping us. it is definately harder here then it was in provo the intensity level has gone up. one of my companions from the provo mtc had to go home I don't know why but is was sad to see him go. It is alot different then what I thought it was going to be like but there are some things that are the same as what I thought they would be.
I have to go now and eat lunch and then get ready to go out into the city. so adios until next week. you'll be in my prayers and Happy Birthday Joshua make it the best day ever! I love you all! Adios
Elder Cannon

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