Monday, January 2, 2012

11/9/11- Last Day at Provo MTC

Today is the last day at the Provo MTC! I'm so excited to go to the DR. The food here is kind of making me sick just from eating a ton and sitting for 8 hours then eating more, but I haven't gained any weight since I have been here. It has been hard to say goodbye to hermano bailey but I''m looking forward to finding out who my teacher is in the DR. I don't really know what to say. This week has been forever it seems but it has gone by fast. I haven't been able to sleep very well these past couple of days because I've been excited I guess. I have started to gather up all my stuff, and I am going to be sending some stuff home so look for the package. Thanks for all the packages, but instead of just giving me sweets it is nice to get a little bit of salty like chips and that sort of thing, just because I get all the deserts that I want here. We taught Christian this week he finally commited to be baptised which was way cool. This week our instructor told us that we can no longer use the notes that we make in spanish so we have to teach now with just the language that we as a companionship know which is harder but I can feel the spirit more in my lessons. I was able to sing in the choir this week with Carson and Kenny ( garth's older brother), so that was way cool, one of the speakers bore her testimony is portugese and I understood part of it which was way cool! I was a little sad that I wasn''t able to hear one of the 12 or the first presidency speak. It is nice to feel the cool brisk morning with the snow on the tops of the mountains before I go to the thick waves of heat that the DR has to offer. I have noticed that the more spanish that I learn my spelling has been getting worse, and those bad study habits were terrible to have my senior year because it is making learning spanish harder. So make sure you have good study habits which include no cramming. I have a ton to get done today and I hope that I can get to bed ontime because I have lost a bunch of sleep this week. We had elder franks come and stay with us his last night because he had no companions, we were up until 12 and he had to leave at 4 so that wasn't good for my sleep. It has been a blast at the MTC it has been stressful but a blast! I have drinken chocolate milk with every meal which has been alright, to tell you the truth I am starting to get sick of it, and all the food is tasting the same. Brother bailey said that the food in the DR MTC is a ton better then the food here so I am way excited for that. I hope that I can call you tomorrow some time and talk for a little while. I don't know when my P-day when I get there and I don''t know my address yet but I''ll let you know. I love you all and hope that you are all loving life without me, the devotional talk yesterday said that you are better off without me and I felt the spirit through the talk so... I''ll talk to you when I can Adios mi familia. Les amos ellos!
Love Elder Cannon

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