Monday, January 2, 2012

11/11/11 - Finally in the DR

Hey family I'm finally here in the DR mtc. The address here is avenida bolivar #825, exquina, calle Genesis, Los Robles, Santo Domingo Republica dominicana. It is pretty crazy here the ride over we almost got hit a couple of time and cut people off, it was pretty awesome. It is pretty poor, but when we got here is wasn't too hot so that was nice, the humidity is really crazy and yes my hands are getting better. I could not understand anything expecially at the airport were they were asking us to do stuff and taking our lugage and we had no idea where they were taking them. I have to go but I am fine and it is really pretty here my p-day is on thursdays so that is when I will get a chance to email, I think. Adios Les amo
Elder Cannon

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